13 days travel to Chamdo from Lhasa (paused)

Lhasa - lake Namtso - Nakchu - Sok - Baqing - Dingqing - Riwoche - Chamdo - Bangda - Basu - lake Ranwok - Bomi - Bayi - Lhasa

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Day01 Fly to Lhasa
Taking morning flight into Tibet, upon your arrival, local guide will meet you and transfer you to Lhasa. On the way, you can enjoy the heart - beating highland view along the Yalu Zangbu river (the longest river in Tibet, the lower reach in India is called Brham Putra river); in the afternoon, you are free.


Day02 Lhasa namtso
In the morning, visit the grand - looking Potala Palace, which was built in the 7th century for the King. In the afternoon, visit Jokhang temple and stroll in the famous local bazaar - Parkhor street.


Day03 Lhasa
Visit Tsepung monastery which is the biggest monastery in Tibet. Then visit Sera monastery and Tibet Museum which can give you deep impression of Tibet arts and civilization.


Day04 Lhasa to Namtso Lake to Dangxiong county
Visit the Tsepung monastery, which is the biggest monastery in Tibet. After lunch, drive to Namtso Lake (245km to the north of Lhasa), enjoying the beautiful lake. By the lake, you can view the peak of Nyianchentangula (7162m).


Day05 Dangxiong to Nakchu to Sok/Suoxian county (490KM)
In the morning, drive northward to Nakchu (Naqu city), the biggest city in northern Tibet grassland area; its elevation is 4507 meters and its average annual temperate is between minus 0.9 and minus 3.3, relative humidity is 48% to 51%, its annual rainfall is around 480 minimeters, the annual amount of sun time is between 2852 and 2881; the best month to tour Naqu area is from late May till late September.
The transportation advantage of Nakchu is that there are 3 roads meeting in NAQU county, respectively Qinghai-Tibet road, Naqu-Chamdo road and Naqu-Ali road.
Every year, the duration from Aug. 1st to Aug. 6th is for locally grandest horse race festival; for a festival program, please visit our category at "festival tours".


Day06 Sok to Dingqing
Drive 225 kilometers to Dingqing; Dingqing is the far western county of Chamdo prefecture; the elevation of Dingqing town is 3873 meters and the average elevation of Dingqing is 4000 meters; the annual amount of sun time is around 2450 hours, its annual rainfall is 641mm, its average temperature annually is 3.1 degrees above zero; the highest recorded temperature in summer is 27 degrees and the lowest is minus 25 degrees. The most famous visits in Dingqing county are Dingqing monastery and Zizhu monastery, both are Bon religion. lintse


Day07 Dingqing to Riwoche (with de tour to Chajiema Hall)
Drive 140 kilometers to Riwoche town; first check into Riwoche Sunshine hotell then leave the town and drive 30 kilometers northward to Chajiema Hall (Riwoche monastery); this monastery is built in 1276; compared to other monasteries in Tibetan area, this monastery is square shaped and three color tripled on the outer walls; inside the monastery are 3-story buildings; this monastery, from its outer colors (on the wall), is very like a Sakyapa monastery; in fact, this monastery is a mixture of Kargyuelpa order and Nyingmapa order; but one thing special is that its chair Lama is not from this monastery, but from Zuzha monastery (Nyingmapa sect), located at Changmaoling village.


Day08 Riwoche to Chamdo
Drive 110 kilometers eastward to Chamdo; visit Chamdo monastery; Chamdo monastery, also named Chamdo Maitreya monastery, is the biggest monastery in east Tibet A.R., and it is also the residence monastery to Pabala living buddhas in history.


Day09 Chamdo to Bangda to Basu
Drive 265 kilometers southward from Chamdo to Basu, on the way, you will pass by world's highest airport (2008) and the amaizing zigzag road up and down Nvjiang mountain.


Day10 Basu to Ranwok lake to Bomi
Drive around 220 kilometers to Bomi; on the way, you have time to visit beautiful lake Ranwok, which is source of River Parlong zangbu.
The visit to Midui glaciers is optional.


Day11 Bomi to Bayi town (240KM) basongtso lake
Drive westwards to reach Bayi city, on the way, you have chance to view the grand peak of Mt. Nanjiabawa, which is 7782 meters (25,525ft).


Day12 Bayi city to Lhasa (400KM)
Drive the final 400 kilometers to get to Lhasa, the destination of this tour; naturally sightseeing along the way.


Day13 Leaving Lhasa for next destination
Send you to Lhasa gonggha airport or Lhasa railway station as specified in the final negotiated program.

End of this 15 days overland tour to Chamdo from Lhasa


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