17 days adventure travel to Lhasa from Kunming via Chamdo and Sok

Kunming to Lhasa Adventure by "Yunnan-Tibet Highway"; at Bangda, switch to the north and take the northern route while inside Tibet A.R.

** abosolutely, you can cut off Kunming, and start this trip either from Lijiang or Zhongdian (now called SHangri-la city); you can self tour Lijiang old city and Zhongdian city, if doing this way, the trip will be shorter, you can either choose to start this overland tour from Lijiang on day5 or from Zhongdian city on day7; there are much convenient bus transportation service from Lijiang to Zhongdian. By doing this, it can help saving alot on expenses, and it can also gives you more freedom on sightseeing arrangements at Lijiang and Zhongdian.

** we recommend you to start the trip from Zhongdian on day 07.

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Day01 Home to Kunming by air soxian
Arriving in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province.


Day02 Kunming
Visit Lunan Stone Forest in the morning. It's about 125 kilometers to the east of Kunming, it is a Karst topography. Stroll in the stone forest, enjoy the miracles of nature.


Day03 Kunming to Lijiang by air
In the morning, take flight to Lijiang. Visit Lijiang old city and the Lijiang museum of Dongba culture today.


Day04 Lijiang
Whole day tour in Lijiang old city and Shuhe old town.


Day05 Lijiang to Shangri-la (220KM)
Drive to Shangri-la from Lijiang, on the way, visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge, and the “First Bend of the yangtse River” at Shigu town. In the afternoon arrive in Shangri-la, with an altitude of 3200m, most of the residents here are Tibetans.


Day06 Shangri-la
In the morning, visit the Sumsanling Monastery, which was created in 1679 by the Fifth Dalai lama. It is considered as the most important monastery of Gelukpa - sect in Yunnan province. In the afternoon, walk to visit Dabao Si Monastery, Napahai reserved area.


Day07 Shangri-la to Dechen to Yanjing town (300Km)
Drive through parts of the Hengduan Range along the Jinsha Jiang River. Have a break in a beautiful small town named Benzilan. Finally arrive at Dechen, have a far view Mt. Meili, the highest peak in Yunnan Province, with an altitude of 6740m above sea level. This peak is named “Kawagebo” after a Tibetan brave man.; keep driving to Yanjing, the first little town inside Tibet A.R.


Day08 Yanjing to Mangkham to Zuogong (245KM) sok
Yanjing is a nice place to stroll around, enjoy the peace of life, visit a Church at the north end of the town. then drive 90 kilometers northward to Mangkang, having lunch at Mangkham town, a small city on the important Sichuan - Tibet Highway (Chengdu - Lhasa).from there, turn left and keep drivin gto Zuogong; On the way to Zuogong from Mangkham, drive over 3 muntain passes, the view on this part of drive is impressive and very beqautiful in summer and fall time.


Day09 Zuogong to Bangda to Chamdo (265KM)
Drive 265 kilometers upstream the UPREACH of jingsha river to Chamdo; on the way, you will climb over 2 mountain passes and pass by world's highest airport - Bangdha airport.

Day10 Chamdo
Visit Chamdo monastery in the morning; in the rest of the day, you are free to stroll around through streets in the biggest city in east Tibet.

Day11 Chamdo to Dingchen (250KM)
Drive over the Zholpel La pass (4690m), through the Ngamda village in Dzi Chu and up to a small town of Ratsaka. Finally reach Dengchen.

Day12 Dingchen to Bachen to SOK/ Suoxian county (290KM)
Dingchen is the centre of the Boen - religion, which is a primitive religion based on ancient witchcraft and the worship to god and ghost, and was spread through the whole Tibet before the Buddhism was introduced into Tibetan area. Here visit two monasteries: Tengchen and Ritro Lhakhang. After Tsuri La Pass (4200m) and Shel La Pass (4750m), arrive at Suoxian.

Day13 Suoxian county to Nakchu to lake Namtso (490KM)
Drive along the Sok Tsanden Zhol village, and during the journey stop to visit two monasteries of Nyimpa sect: Sok Tsanden Gonpa and Kapgye Lhakhang. After lunch at Nakchu city, drive further 260 kilometers to Lake Namtso, which is the 2nd holiest lake and the biggest lake in Tibet in size; the view around the lake is the most beautiful one; walking by the lake and enjoy grand view of sunset and sunrise over the lake while drinking bottles of beers.

Day14 Lake Namtso to Lhasa (240KM) namtso
Drive 260 kilometers to Lhasa; 55 kilometers before arriving in Lhasa, drive up to a mountain top to visit the famous Ganden monastery, which is built on a mountain top and is thought to be the 1st Gelupa sect monastery in history of Tibet buddhism; upon arriving in Lhasa, Check into hotel and you are free to have the first feeling about Lhasa and its people.

Day15 Lhasa
In the morning, visit the grand - looking Potala Palace, which was built in the 7th century for the King. In the afternoon, visit Jokhang temple and stroll in the famous local bazaar - Parkhor street.

Day16 Lhasa
Visit Tsepung monastery which is the biggest monastery in Tibet. Then visit Sera monastery and Norbulingka which can give you deep impression of Tibet arts and civilization.

Day17 Lhasa to your destination by air or by train
At the agreed time, the driver and the guide will come to meet you, send you to Lhasa airport or Lhasa railway station for your departure.

** if you plan to leave by train, please inform us on your query.


end of the tour


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