13 days adventure travel to Tibet from Sichuan

Travel route
first leg of the tour is to take the south route of Sichuan -Tibet highway going to Bangda and then, at Bangda town, swing to Chamdo, then, take north route in Tibet to Naqu, a big city in northern Tibet.

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Day01 Chengdu to Kangding to Xinduqiao (355KM)
Around 7 hours drive to Xinduqiao from Chengdu, passing Ya'an and Kangding city.


Day02 Xinduqiao to Yajiang tp Litang (210KM) dingchen
On the way, drive over 3 mountain passes - all over 4000m. Litang is 4014m above sea level, located in the huge and wide Maoyar prairie. Litang monastery is the famous visit of this tour. Every year, a grand festival will start at August 01. The 7th and 10th Dalai Lama were born here. The 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th Pabhara living buddha also were born here. In history of Tibet, Pabhara living Buddha is the top religious leader of Chamdo monastery. 80km to the south of Litang is the 3rd highest mountain Mt. Gernhie and a famous Kagyulpa monastery.


Day03 Litang to Mangkang (300KM)
Drive through several tunnels to get to Batang, Batang is the westmost town of Sichuan province; after Batang, drive further 36 kilometers to cross Jingshajiang river to get into Tibet A.R. Jingshajiang river is the natural bundary between Sichuan and Tibet A.R.


Day04 Mangkham to Chamdo (430KM)
Early departure from Mangkang, drive whole day to Chamdo city, the biggest city in eastern Tibet A.R. between Mangkang and Zuogong town is zigzagging road which is so frightening to most tourists, but you can enjoy amazing landscape.


Day05 Chamdo
Whole day touring in Chamdo city, Chamdo city is the biggest city in eastern Tibet A.R., built by the Lanchangjiang river (Mekhong river); while touring in Chamdo city, visit Chamdo monastery (Qiangbalin monastery) which is the biggest Gelupa monastery and the biggest one in the eastern Tibet, enjoys a high reputation among believers.


Day06 Chamdo to Riwuqi (100KM) zizhu monastery
Visit the Chajiema grand hall of Riwuqi monastery which belongs to Kagyulpa order, famous for its special structure and outlooking. The local Khamba people thought it as important as the Jokhang temple in Lhasa. By Tibetan Calendar, the 6th month will see the hosting of a grand festival.


Day07 Riwuqi to Dingchen (190KM)
Leaving Riwuqi for Dingchen, visit Zizhu monastery 35 kilometers before arriving in Dingchen county town, which is the famous Bon religeon monastery.


Day08 Dingchen to Bachen to Suoxian county (255KM)
Drive to Suoxian county, on the way enjoy mountains with strange shape and bare rocks on the top. This place has long been thought to be the holy center of Bon religion in history. In Dingchen there are many Bon religion monasteries.


Day09 Suoxian county to Nakchu to Dangxiong county (405KM)
Nakchu is the most important and biggest town in the Northern grassland of Tibet highland. Four roads meet here (taking Nakchu as the center, to south is Lhasa, to the north is to Golmud, to the west is to Gar and to the east is to Chamdo). From 1st to 10th day of every August, there is a grandest horse racing festival at Nakchu. Visit Xiaoden monastery at Nakchu (of Bon religion).


Day10 Dangxiong county to Namtso lake to Lhasa (300KM)
Namtso is the biggest lake in Tibet, and the second holiest lake in the pilgrims' hearts, its elevation is 4718m, beside it is grand Nyianchen Tanghula mountain, its peak (of 7162m) can be clearly viewed from the lakeside. Around the lake is huge and vast prairie. It is a worth place to visit. In the afternoon, assing Yangbajing geothermos fields and the Duilong river to Lhasa.


Day11 Lhasa namtso
In the morning, visit the grand - looking Potala Palace, which was built in the 7th century for the King. In the afternoon, visit Jokhang temple and stroll in the famous local bazaar - Parkhor street.


Day12 Lhasa
Visit Tsepung monastery which is the biggest monastery in Tibet. Then visit Sera monastery and Norbulingka which can give you deep impression of Tibet arts and civilization.


Day13 Lhasa to your destination by air or by train
At the agreed time, the driver and the guide will come to meet you, send you to Lhasa airport or Lhasa railway station for your departure.

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