11 days tour to Mt. Everest, Shigatse and Samye monastery

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Day01 Fly to Lhasa
Taking the morning flight into Tibet, upon your arrival, local guide will meet you and transfer you to Lhasa. On the way, you can enjoy the heart - beating highland view along the Yalu Zangbu river (the longest river in Tibet, the lower reach in India is called Brham Putra river); in the afternoon, you are free for relax and more Oxygen.


Day02 Lhasa
In the morning, visit the grand - looking Potala Palace, which was built in the 7th century for the King. In the afternoon, visit Jokhang temple and yangbajingstroll in the famous local bazaar - Parkhor street.


Day03 Lhasa
Visit the Tsepung monastery, which is the biggest monastery in Tibet. After lunch, visit Sera monastery and Tibet Museum. Enjoy the local performance with a Tibetan style dinner if you like.


Day04 Lhasa to Lhatse
Today, no special visits, only drive to Lhatse (a small town, 430km to the west of Lhasa city, it is also the diversion road poind - one road leads to Mt. Everest, the other going to Nari), enjoying the view along the Tibet - Nepal friendship highway. On the way, you will pass the second biggest city - Shigatse, in the late afternoon, arrive at Lhatse.


Day05 Lhatse to Mt. Everest
Leaving Lhatse early and pass the town - Tingri and the Lulu checkpoint to get to Mt. Everest. Between the diversion point (4km to the west of Luluchech point) of the highway and the Base camp is a high pass (5125m, named zhegula pass), here, you can see 4 famous mountains of the world - Mt. Everest (8848.13m), Mt. Makaru (8463m), Mt. Luotze (8516m) and Mt. Qowowuyag (8201m). Visit Rongbuk monastery.


Day06 Mt. Everest to Tingri
In the morning, spend your time at Mt. Everest area in enjoying the views and visiting the scenic spots around Mt. Everest. In the afternoon, drive back to Tingri.


Day07 Tingri to Shigatsemt everest
Drive to Sakya village by Zhongqu river to visit the famous Sakyapa Home monastery - Sakya monastery; which was built in 11th century and became the political and religious center in 13th and 14th century when Sakya sect ruled Tibet highland; also it was from then on, Tibet highland becomes on part of Mongonia government and the close relationship to central court was built; after Sakya monastery, drive 150 kilometers to Shigatse city.


Day08 Shigatse to Gyangtse
In the morning, visit the famous Tashilunpo monastery. Inside there is a huge and tall copper cast statue for Buddha Maitreya. And there are many stupas for the passed Panchan Lhamas. The remains of from 5th to 9th were kept in one stupas.
In the afternoon, leaving Shigatse for Gyangtse town (100km to the east of Shigatse), in Gyangtse, pay a visit to Perkhor monastery, it was built in the early of 15th century when the power and struggle between Buddhism sects were kept balance.


Day09 Gyangtse to Tsetang
Leave Gyangtse for Tsetang city, which is about 340 kilometers to the east of Gyangtse town.
On the way to Tsetang, you will pass by Karola glaciers at Karola mountain pass (5200 meter) and the 3rd holiest lake - lake Yangdrok, which follows your drive till you get over GANGBA-LA pass (4800 meters);
At Zhalang county, visit the famous Nyingmapa monastery - Mintorlin monastery, which is one of several few Nyingmapa monasteries.


D10 Tsetang tibet railway
Visit Samye monastery, which was built in mid of 8th century and is the first organized Buddhism complex in Tibet; in the afternoon, return back to Tsetang; after you get back from Samye, you have time to do visit to the famous Yongbulakang palace, which is the 1st palace built for the 1st king of Yalong kingdom in 3rd century B.C.
Alert: if you wish to leave Tibet by train and do not want to stay the other more day in Lhasa city for sightseeing or shopping, we suggest you go back to Lhasa city late this day, so you can stay over night at Lhasa city and then leave next morning (the trains leave Lhasa station around 09:30 or 10:30).


D11 Tsetang to Lhasa airport
Send you to Lhasa airport for your return flight to the planned destination.

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