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Tibet is a dream destination to many tourists who are eager to discover this mysterious land, to explore its folkways, feel its strong atmosphere of religious pilgrim, to photo shoot its changing, colorful landscape; here, we tailor made several travel routes, and, wish one or two of them matches your requests; if none of them is in your need, and you still do much hard work to plan out your holiday program, we can help out, and, your inquiry will be welcome.

Tibet tours (classic)


Lhasa, Gyangtse, Shigatse, Mt.Everest, and Tsetang are the most toured places; in this category, you have more options on arranging your sightseeing spots; if your tourplan to Tibet is to see Tibet potala palace, Jokhang temple, Gyangtse kumbum, Shigatse monastery, Sakya monastery, to explore Mt.Everest, Sakya monastery, and Samye monastery. In history, rear Tibet area, present Shigatse region, Holy lake and holy mountain area, is the lands and power influence area by Panchan Lama, and, Lhasa region, Tsetang region and Chamdo area is under the influence of Dalai Lama.

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Tibet winter tours

snow mountain

Winter is also a nice tour season to all tourists; it was a wrong impression that, in its winter, Tibet is coated in white snows, its temperature will drop to minus 30℃ or 40℃, people there will feel deperately freezing; yes, in some remote and high elevation region, the temperature is that low and the weather is that cold, but, there are still active human activities in these area in winter because of the good infrastructure works, electricity supply, water and heating system. During winter time in Tibet, tours to Lhasa, Gyangtse, Shigatse and Samye monastery are till possible.

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Tibet overland tours


Lhasa, capital of Tibet a.r., is about 2400 kelometers to the west of Chengdu city, about 3600 kilometers to Kashigar which is to the northwest north of Lhasa, about 2000 kilometers to Xining which is to the northeast of Lhasa, and, about 2200 kilometers to Lijiang old city which is to the southeast of Lhasa; travel to Tibet by car over those roads is the dream to most tourists, from overseas and inland area of China mainland; among those, the most attractive and changlenging travel route are taking the road G318 from Chengdu to Lhasa through Kangding, Litang, Ranwokand, and taking the road G214 from Kashigar to Lhasa through Ngari, Mt. kailash, holy lake Manasarovar and Shigatse. Before year 2016, adventure tours to Tibet by road (/by car) is prohibited; now, it is a great news to all those who want to try road adventure travels to Tibet.

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Tibet Ngari tours (Ali)

guge kingdom

Ngari, also called as Ali, is in the far west edge of Tibet boundary, Shiquanhe or named as Gar is the regional capital of Ali prefecture; several years before, a travel to Nagri, no matter on government works or personal business, is a time and energy exhausted drive, it takes about 4 to 6 full days drive; with the develement of infrastructure, this has been greatly changed, if situation is possible, tourists can fly to Ngari and fly back, and the car drive to Ngari won't be running with a cloud of dusty on its tail. Ngari hosts many attractive spots, such as Mt.Kailash, holy lake Manasarovar, Guge kingdom ruins, Torlin monastery, Piyang rock paintings, and more others; India river, which flows through Parkistan, Bramputra river, which is called Yaluzangbu river, originated from here; Mt. Kailash is thought to be the center of the world in eyes of Buddhists.....

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while you are planning a travel to Tibet, something you should know