Travel Sichuan Tours 2020

sichuanSichuan, with Chengdu as its political, economical, cultural, and international exchange center, is a province in southwest China occupying most of the Sichuan Basin between plateau area of east Himalayas on its west, the Qinling & Daba mountains in the north and northeast, and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to the south and southeast.

Sichuan hosts many famous scenic spots, which are well knowed to many tourists, for example, Jiuzhaigou nature, Huanglong nature, Daocheng Yading nature, world highest buddha statue - Leshan big buddha, and most welcomed panda bases.

Chengdu city & Environ

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with Chengdu as the center of tourism, people can tour some most popular sightseeing spots such as Wenshu temple, Qingyang taoists temple, Sanxingdun ancient shu civilization, and Chengdu panda center.

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Sichuan classic tours


the most quried travel programs in Sichuan are itineraries covering visits to mountain Emei, Leshan big buddha, Dujiangyan water project, mountain Qingcheng, Yibin bamboo sea (Shu Nan Zhu Hai), and Ya'an Bifengxia panda center.

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Sichuan rock carvings


Besides unesco marked Leshan buddha statue (72 meters in height), there are still many other famous buddha statues and rock engravings, such as Anyue rock carvings, Renshou buddha statue, Tongnan big buddha, and famous Dazu rock carvings.

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Panda tours


although panda bears is not any more an endangered specy, it still attracts many people to pay a visit for its cute and its loveliness; now, the offical number of total pandas is 2060 across the world, among them, 1864 adults, 471 in status of cage; in Sichuan, tourists can visit panda bears in these panda centers as located at Chengdu, Ya'an, Dujiangyan, and Gengda.

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Old town tours


old towns holds alot and strong feattures of Chinese traditional, localized style of arctecture; with improved living conditions, good wishes to have better houses, and city developement & mappings, more old towns are dispearing; now in Sichuan province, you get chance to visit such towns at Shangli, Huanglongxi, Qingxi, Pingle, Liujiang, and Luodai.

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Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong


Jiuzhaigou nature and Huanglong nature are 2 unesco marked sightseeing spots, both are beautiful for its unique landscape and waters; Jiuzhaigou is so impressive for its changing color of waters in big and small lakes, Huanglong's beauty lies on its top area for its karst landforms and water color. Tour to Haunglong generally goes together with a wonderful trip to Jiuzhaigou.

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Yading Daocheng Litang


Yading nature is about 850 kilometers to the southwest of Chengdu city, it is located 100 kilometers to the south of Daocheng city; Yading nature is impressive for impressive, Chinese sword headed mountain peak; besides this, a travel to Yading nature gives you a good chance to enjoy the grandness of plateau landforms of east Himalayasand close feeling of a touch with local Tibetans, without flying to Lhasa of Tibet.

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Xiao huan xian


what does 'xiao huan xian' mean? It is a word of mouth among tourism operators, which means a small and short time loop travel to Tibetan living area; xiao huan xian is a travel route, with Chengdu as start and end, going to Dujiangyan irrigation project, Gengda or Dujangyan panda center, Mt. Siguniang, Danba Tibetan villages, Tagong grassland, beautiful Mugetso lake, these are at the far east edge of east Himalayas.

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Baiyu Derge Ganzi area


compared to other tourism visits as explained and talked here, this corner in Sichuan northweat edge is less foot printed by tourists; but, it includes counties as Baiyu, Derge, Ganzi, Shiqu, plays a very important role in the history of Tibetan buddhism, it is remarked as the re-incarnation place to Tiebtan buddhism; Derge printing house, Larung gar, Yachen gompa, Katoc monastery are famous.

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