Panda volunteer opportunities & programs


Giant panda volunteer programs give participants a unique experience for the lovely panda bears. During this program, you will learn about giant pandas more through working with the panda keepers, and you will have chance to take care of the pandas. At the end of the program, each participant is issued a panda volunteer certificate.

There are three places where you can register for a volunteer work.

  1. Dujiangyan panda base (50KM to Chengdu)
  2. Ya'an Bifengxia panda reserve (130KM to Chengdu)
  3. Wolong Shenshuping panda center (100KM to Chengdu)

Panda Volunteer Program Tips

  1. The age restriction of volunteer is between 10 to 70 years old.
  2. There is a limited number for volunteer programs each day. You need to book it in advance. We can do the reservation for you.
  3. you need to issue a certificate of health when you book the volunteer program, there is a sample (file: health_form.pdf, 146KB) for download, the doctor's signature is required.

price for Panda Volunteer Program

  1. It's RMB900.00 per person per day.
  2. this price covers
    • the entry admission to Dujiangyan panda Base
    • volunteer uniform
    • a simple lunch
    • panda keeper draining program

Itinerary of Panda Volunteer Program in Dujiangyan

  • 8:30am–9:00am: reach the panda center, go to the office, sign the security agreement first, then get your volunteer pass card and take your uniform.
  • 9:00am-10:00am: carry in the bamboo for pandas, clean the panda enclosures, and etc.
  • 10:00am-11:00am: follow the panda keeper to see the pandas.
  • 11:00am-11:30am: feed the panda with bamboo shoot or other food.
  • 11:30am–12:30pm: have lunch at the canteen of panda base.
  • 12:30am-1:00pm: free time.
  • 1:00pm-2:00pm: watch a panda movie, to learn how human people protect the panda bears.
  • 2:00pm–3:00pm: feed the pandas.
  • 3:00pm–3:20pm: studing how to make panda's Wowotou (Wowotou means corn made Chinese style bread) for the panda bears.
  • 3:30pm: The panda volunteer program finishes. You will receive a panda keeper certificate and souvenir.




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