Derge, Ganzi and Baiyu (/Palyul) tour




Derge means “land of mercy”, which was one of the three ancient centers of Tibetan culture, along with Lhasa and Xiahe. The town of Derge is famous for it’s printing house. The printing house running by monks, continues to use it’s ancient techniques, utilizing no electricity. For example, the roof is still used to dry the printed sheets. The town also contains several historic Tibetan monasteries, such as Palpung monastery, Kathok monastery, Palyul monastery and Dzogchen monastery.

Baiyu (/Palyul) is located on the off main road between Derge and Batang in the west of Sichuan province, the southeast of Qinghai -Tibet Plateau, the east size of upper Jinsha River. It borders with the Xinlong, Batang, Litang, Garze, Derge counties of Garze Prefecture, and it faces Gonjo and Jomda counties of Tibet across the Jinsha River. Most of the residents are Tibetan. Because of the bad transportation here, and the fact that till 1970, a rough road led to this mountainous town, Baiyu still keep vast land of virgin forests. Driving southward following the Jinsha jiang river (the border river between Sichuan and Tibet autonomous region). Baiyu is rich in gold mine, till now in China, the biggest gold in size iwas found in Baiyu, and people here are still finding gold in riverbeds and mountainside. The other famous produce here is Baiyu knife, enjoying high reputation in Tibetan area, and is listed as one of the 4 famous kniives. (the other three are: Nanmulin knife in Tibet, Lhatse knife at Lhatse in Tibet, Yushu knife at Yushu, Qinghai province) A uniqueness of Burial ceremony in Baiyu across Tibetan area is Tree burial, that means after a person died (esp.young kids), their bodies will be put on the crotch high in the tree instead of being buried or cremated. People here keep strong tradition of PATRIARCHY(Patriarchal society), the Geba organization is the proof. Baiyu monastery is located on the grand hill in the north side of Baiyu town. It is a famous Nyingmapa monastery. It was built in 1675, meaning “Auspious land“. The other world known Nyingmapa monastery is Gatuo (Katoic) monastery located on the top of a mountain in Hepo village.



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