3 days tour to Langzhong old city and Zhaohua ancient town

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Day01 Chengdu to Langzhong ancient town (335KM)
Leave Chengdu this morning, drive to Langzhong. Reach there around noon, check in and have lunch. You are free in the afternoon.

While Lijiang, Pingyao and Shexian are quite popular with visitors from home and abroad, Langzhong, the history of which can be traced back some 2,300 years, seems to have kept a low profile as there have been very few travel stories about the place over the years. The ancient historical atmosphere has been retained in the architecture from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties along the Jialing River. The old streets between buildings take visitors back in time to thousands of years ago. The pace of life tends to be much slower than in bustling Lijiang, Pingyao or Shexian and it seems to be an ideal place to leave busy schedules behind.


Day02 Langzhong to Guangyuan to Zhaohua ancient town (140KM)
Leave Langzhong in the morning, head to Zhaohua ancient town, which is in southern Guangyuan city. Before reach Zhaohua, visit Huangzesi (Huangze temple). Huangze Temple was built as a place for the cults which favored Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in the Chinese history. This temple is also famous for the stone carvings in its caverns.
Then we go and see Thousand-Buddha Cliff, which is located on the east bank of Jialing River, is home to the largest grotto in Sichuan. About 1,500 years ago, numerous Buddha statues and niche caves was chiseled on the long cliff, which measures about 45 meters (148 feet) tall and 200 meters (656 feet) long. Dayun Cave is the largest in scale among these grottoes with a total of 234 statues.
Reach Zhaohua ancient town. It's your free time to enjoy the peaceful and quiet town; around the ancient town is an open land and a quiet river, a good place for peace walk.


Day03 Zhaohua to Chengdu (280KM)
In the morning, we leave this old town and head to Chengdu. On the way, we spend some time at Sanxingdui Museum. This Museum is located in the northeast corner of the ruins of Sanxingdui, known as a famous historical and cultural city. It is a large modern thematic museum. After here, we drive back to Chengdu downtown, send you to your hotel. If it's early, you may choose one place to visit inside the city, such as Jinli street, People's park, Qingyang palace, and so on.


End of the tour


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