2 days tour to Langzhong old city and Zhaohua ancient town

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Day01 Chengdu to Langzhong ancient town (335KM)
Leave Chengdu this morning, drive to Langzhong. Reach there around noon, check in and have lunch. You are free in the afternoon.

While Lijiang, Pingyao and Shexian are quite popular with visitors from home and abroad, Langzhong, the history of which can be traced back some 2,300 years, seems to have kept a low profile as there have been very few travel stories about the place over the years. The ancient historical atmosphere has been retained in the architecture from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties along the Jialing River. The old streets between buildings take visitors back in time to thousands of years ago. The pace of life tends to be much slower than in bustling Lijiang, Pingyao or Shexian and it seems to be an ideal place to leave busy schedules behind.


Day02 Langzhong to Zhaohua ancient town (140KM) to Chengdu (280KM)
Leave Langzhong for Zhaohua ancient town, which is in southern Guangyuan city, and it is relativley far from the transportation road, and is peaceful and quiet in the town; around the ancient town is an open land and a quiet river, a good place for peace walk. Have lunch there. Free time for you. In middle afternoon, drive back to Chengdu.


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