12 days tour to Ganzi in western Sichuan

Chengdu - Mt. Siguniang - Danba - Daofu - Luhuo - Ganzi - Derge - Baiyu - Ganzi - Litang - Yading - Daocheng - Kangding - Chengdu (to be private tour)

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Day01 Chengdu to Rilong town (210KM)
Drive to Rilong from Chengdu by passing Dujiangyan. Visit the Valley Changping or valley Shuangqiao this afternoon, these two valleys are very beautiful and the views are impressive, the highest peak here is over 6235m.


Day02 Rilong town to Danba to Daofu (300KM)
Early set out to see sunrise and enjoy the wonderful beauty of this peaceful town, then drive to Danba, where is called the Meirengu (the valley of beauties), after here, drive to Ganzi. On the way, enjoy the beauty of Holy Mt. Yalha (5820m) from afar, which is one of the 4 holy mountains mentioned in long Tibetan epic - King Gesar, visit Huiyuan monastery at Bamei. Spend night at Daofu.


Day03 Daofu to Luohu to Ganzi (170KM)
Visit Linque monastery at Daofu town. After here, drive to Ganzi. At Ganzi, visit Ganzi monastery and then stroll in street, enjoy the local customs. Ganzi is a very important town on Sichuan - Tibet highway.


Day04 Ganzi to Derge (207KM)
Visit Baili monastery if time allowed (the site of Baili monastery was once the site of Boba government established when Red army in 1930s passed here). Crossing the Mt.Que'r (elevation: 6168m), 20km before you arrive at Derge, a valley is impressive for its geography. Upon your arrival, visit Genqing monastery (belonging to Sakya - pa order).


Day05 Derge to Baiyu (100KM)
Visit Derge scripture printing house, it takes the shape of monastery style, and famous across the world for its prints. Drive to Baiyu county. Before arriving at Baiyu, visit Gatuo monastery (belonging to Ningma - pa order), which is located on the top of a high mountain, views there are nice and spectacular. Arrive in Baiyu in the late afternoon.


Day06 Baiyu to Ganzi (235KM)
Baiyu is located by a river, the view along the river will make you feel at paradise, most part of the river is good for rafting. Visit Baiyu monastery, which is just on a mountain top behind the town. The construction style of the local houses is very traditional and impressive. In the afternoon, drive to Ganzi.


Day07 Ganzi to Xinlong to Litang (285KM)
Driving down along the Yalong river (which merges itself into Qinyi river just at Leshan city where the world's biggest Buddha statue located). At Xinlong town, visit a small monastery on a mountain top behind the town. Litang (elevation 4014m) is the largest town in the west of Sichuan province, it was an important transit town along the ancient trade business route between Tibetans from Tibet and the local Hans at kangding and Ya'an city. At Litang, visit Litang monastery.


Day08 Litang to Daocheng to Yading (225KM)
Early set-out for Riwa which is only 30KM away from Yading nature, on the way, visit the Haizi mountains (there are a lot of rocks and stones in all kinds of shape, there is a national park for the remnants from the movement of ancient glaciers) and Rabbit peak (its peak looks like ears of a rabbit). Change to local sightseeing bus at Shangri-la, arrive at Yading before sunset. Enjoy the nice beauty of snow mountains. Haizishan area is good for taking photos.


Day09 Yading to Daocheng (75KM)
Visit Yading Nature today. The beauty of the sonw peaks at Luorong ranch is impressive and wonderful. In 1920s - 1930s, an American adventurer named Luoke once trekked through here, and his writtings about here caused tremendous impact on western adventurers and European society. After here, ride or hike back to entrance. Drive to Daocheng.


Day10 Daocheng to Litang to Xinduqiao (355KM)
Today, drive to Xinduqiao through Litang.


Day11 Xinduqiao to Tagong to Kangding (130KM)
From Xinduqiao, driving northward to Tagong for a short tour, after lunch at Tagong area, drive to Kangding city, free time of the day in Kangding old city.


Day12 Kangding to Chengdu (290KM)
Leaving Kangding to pass through the Erlangshan tunnel. Visit Shangli old town on the way. Arriving at Chengdu in the late afternoon.


End of this 12 days Sichuan tour


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