12 days Sichuan tour

Dujiangyan, Mt. Qingcheng, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Mt. Siguniang, Danba, Tagong monastery, Kangding, Mt. Emei and Leshan Big Buddha

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Day01 Chengdu to Dujiangyan to Mt. Qingcheng (60KM)
This 'sichuan tour' starts with a drive northward to Dujiangyan city for visit to the famous water project - Dujiangyan Irrigation Project (also named as Dujiangyan Water Project); this water project is buitl around 2250 year ago, after it was built, the water project irrigated hundreds of huansands of hecters of farm lands at Chengdu plain, because of this project, Sichuan becomes the famous "Tianfu Zhi Guo" - literally meaning "Land of Abundanse" or "Heavenly Kingdom" ; after Dujiangyan, drive to Mt. Qingcheng, the holy mountain to Taoists in the world.


Day02 Mt. Qingcheng to Songpan to Jiuzhaigou (410KM)
Drive to Jiuzhaigou in the morning. On the way, visit the Diexi haizi (a lake), the old wall in Songpan ancient town. Arrive in Jiuzhaigou around 1900PM. Today, there aren't arranged senic spots sightseeing, the long distance will exhaust the whole day.
If you don't like the drive, you can select our 5 days round flight tour to Jiuzhaigou nature and Huanglong nature by air.


Day03 Jiuzhaigou
Enjoy the beauty of Jiuzhaigou (world her-mitage in the list of UNESCO) whole day. At night, enjoy the local folk performance (self pay).


Day04 Jiuzhaigou to Huanglong to Songpan (185KM)
Arrive in Huanglong in the late morning, around 3.5 hours driving. Enjoy the beauty of Huanglong (world her-mitage in the list of UNESCO). After it, drive to Songpan town for over night. Stroll around the old town this night.


Day05 Songpan to Taoping Qiang village to Zhuokeji (386KM)
Leave Songpan to Maoxian, then drive to visit Taoping Qiang village. This Village is regarded as the Mysterious Oriental Castle for its unique architecture and the complicated roads and paths. In the village, most of the houses connect with each other. Made of screes and pieces of stones, the houses are blocky. Paths and roads are crisscross in the village, making the village much more cryptic. The whole village is facing water, with mountains surrounded.
Then we drive to Zhuokeji, spend one night there.


Day06 Zhuokeji to Rilong (180KM)
Early departure, visit Shuangqiao valley before reach Rilong, stay night at Rilong town.
There are 3 valleys at Mt. Siguniang nature; the entrance to Changpinggou valley is right in the town, the entrance to Haizi valley is about 500 meters before the hotel; Shuangqiaogou valley is about 15 kilometers far to the west of the town.


Day07 Mt. Siguniang
Today, trekking in Haizigou valley. Only from somewhere in this valley, the 4 peaks can be viewed, among the 4 peaks, only the 4th peak (Yao Mei feng peak in Chinese) is year round snow capped.


Day08 Rilong to Danba to Bamei to Tagong (245KM)
Drive 245 kilometers to reach Tagong; naturally sightseeing. Drive aong a river till get to Donggu pass (3780Meters), if weather is nice, the snow capped peak of Mt. Yala can be seen clearly here (see picture to the left). Local towered farm houses in Danba area will impress you for its unique style of archetecture with strong Qiang features. 8 Kilometers before Bamei, where is a Tibetan monastery - Huiyuan monastery, it was said that the 7th Dalai Lama once lived here for some years before he was throned in Potala palace and after Muslim army moved into Lhasa in 18th century.


Day09 Tagong to Kangding (110KM)
Spending time to visit Tagong monastery and Tagong Buddhism college, 2 kilometers behind the town. In middle afternoon, drive to leave for kangding, the local political, economical and cultural center of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous prefecture.


Day10 Kangding to Luding to Mt. Emei
After your time at Kangding, the gate to Tibet, drive eastward to Mt. Emeishan (also named as Mt. Emei) for sightseeing. Visit Baoguo temple at the mountain foot area..


Day11 Mt. Emei
The whole day sightseeing at Mt. Emei, a Buddhism mountain. First, visit Jinding (the mountain top) and Huazang temple by cable car, have lunch in the mountain; in the afternoon, take the carble car and sightseeing bus down.


Day12 Mt. Emei to Leshan to Chengdu
In the morning, Drive 30 kilometers southwards to Leshan to visit the famous Leshan Big buddha statue (71 meters, carved out of a whole piece of mountain), which is seat at the conjunction of 3 rivers: Mingjjiang river, Qingyijiang river and Dadu river. We visit the Buddha by boat first, then see it in the buddha park. After it, drive back to Chengdu.
If you have plan to board Yangtze cruiser ship at Chongqing, you can leave chengdu upon your return by the bullet train; if not, we suggest you leave Chengdu next day.


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