15 days overland tour to Xining from Chengdu

Chengdu - Rilong - Danba - Daofu - Ganzi - Baiyu - Derge - Dzochen monastery - Shiqu - Yushu - Mardo - Xining

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Day01 Chengdu to Rilong town (210KM)
Drive to Rilong in the morning, on the way, pass Shenshuping Giant Pandas research base at Gengda. Visit the Giant Pandas there. Going on and climb over the pass of Balangshan mountain. Arrive in Mt. Siguniang area in the late afternoon.


Day02 Mt. Siguniang sightseeing
Horse riding or hiking in Haizigou valley, where it is best place to have a grand look of the highest peak.


Day03 Rilong to Danba Zhonglu Tibetan village (109KM)
Leaving Rilong town after breakfast, on both side of roads before and after Danba county town, go and tour beautiful Zhong Lu Tibtean village, spend night here.


Day04 Danba to Bamei to Luhuo (232KM)
Drive northwards to Ganzi, while at Bamei, visit Huiyuan monastery and enjoy the greens of the Longdeng prairie (between Daofu and Bamei).


Day05 Luhuo to Ganzi (96KM)
In the morning, visit Linque monastery, which is only about 1.5 kilometers to the north of the town.
At Ganzi, go and tour Ganzi monastery, in the rest of the day, stroll around the city to find out waht are behind the buildings and the newspapers.


Day06 Ganzi to Payul (/Baiyu) (220KM)
Early departure from Ganzi, drive through the Haizi mountain to Baiyu which is located by a river in a deep valley, on the way, tour Yarchen monastery. Then head to Baiyu, visit Baiyu monastery.


Day07 Baiyu to Derge (97KM)
On the way to Derge, visit Palpun monastery which is the largest and most important Kagyulpa monastery in Sichuan province. Following upstream of Jinshajiang river to Gato bridge, then swift to east to Derge town.


Day08 Derge
Derge is famous for its huge collection of Buddhism scriptures and books, esp. for its printing boards (wood made). Visit the Derge printing house and Gengqing monastery (Sakyapa order).


Day09 Derge to Manigange (92KM)
Climbing over the high Chola mountain (6168m), visit Xinlu Lake (a local holy lake) before arriving in Manigange. Manigange is a small town, which is located at the conjuntcture of three roads - one is the road Derge to Manigange, the 2nd is the road Manigange to Ganzi, the 3rd is the road Manigange to Shiqu.


Day10 Manigange to Dzochen village to Shiqu (220KM)
At Dzochen village, visit the famous Dzochen monastery and Dzochen colledge of Buddhism study; 30 kilometers before arrival at Shiqu county town, visit Tara monastery of Gelupa.


Day11 Shiqu to Yushu (Jyekundo) (138KM)
At a place 30km to the north of Shiqu town, visit the Sesuel monastery. Passing by Xiewu (a small village) and drive across a bridge over Jinshajiang river (the upper reach of yangtse river) to reach Yushu. Before arriving, visit Dangkha monastery (of Kagyulpa order) and Gyanha mani gallet (famous for its huge number of Mani stone pieces, it was said ther are more than 230 millions).


Day12 Yushu
Visit Temple of princess Wencheng, Lheba gulley (3km further after Temple of Wencheng), Banchen monastery (Kagulpa order at Batang village in Yushu) and Jiegu monastery (built in 1398, belonging to Sakyapa order).


Day13 Yushu to Mardo (325KM)
Passing by Xiewu village again and climbing over the Pass of Mt. Bayankara (4825m) from which the Yellow river stems. The Yellow river flows through Mardo town. The first cement bridge over Yellow river is at Mardo.


Day14 Mardo to Xining (480KM)
Drive to Xining (capital of Qinghai province) today.


Day15 Xining
Visit the Dongguan Mosque (one of the 4 biggest mosques in China) and Ta'er monastery which has a history over 400 years old and is listed as one of the 6 most important Gelupa monasteries in Tibetan area.
You decide to leave Xining this afternoon or next day.


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