10 days tour to Northern Sichuan

Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong - Ruo'ergai (Zoige) - Langmusi - Hongyuan - Ma'erkham - Rilong - Chengdu

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Day01 Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou (430KM)
Leave Chengdu in the morning, around 8:00am, 8 hours driving on the way. You will pass Dujiangyan city, Whenchuan, Maoxian and Songpan old town. stay overnight at Jiuzhaigou.


Day02 Jiuzhaigou sightseeing
Full day tour in Jiuzhaigou national park, and stay night at Jiuzhaigou.
Jiuzhaigou is a nature reserve in the north of Sichuan province in south western China. It is known as its many multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes. The main scenic area stretches 80 km long in the form of a letter Y comprising of three main valleys - Shuzheng, Rize and Zechawa, offering stunning views of lakes, waterfalls, and mountains.


Day03 Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong - Chuanzhusi town (132KM)
Leave Jiuzhaigou in the morning, drive 3.5 hours to reach Huanglong. On the way, you will view Xuebaoding (Snow Mountain Peak). Spend 4 - 5 hours inside. After there, drive 1 hour to Chuanzhusi, stay overnight at Chuanshusi town this night.
Huanglong, literally "yellow dragon", is a scenic and historic interest area in the northwest part of China's Sichuan Province. Huanglong valley is made up of snow-capped peaks and the easternmost of all the Chinese glaciers. Located within the Minshan Mountains, the scenic area also includes spectacular limestone formations and waterfalls.


Day04 Chuanzhusi - Ruo'ergai - Langmusi (227KM)
Drive 280km to Langmusi. Pass Ruo'ergai county town; in 1930s, Chinese Red Army held two meetings here, one is Mao'ergai conference, the other is Baxi conference, these two meetings decided the route of Chinese revolution and the destiny of Red Army again.


Day05 Langmusi sightseeing
Visit Girdigoin monastery (Langmu monastery). It is located at the border area between North Sichuan and South Gansu province. Then trekking and visiting the Namo Valley.


Day06 Langmusi - Tangke - Hongyuan (220KM)
Drive to Hongyuan county. At Tangke, visit the Suokorzang monastery (built in 1658) by the bend of Yellow river (it was said that this bend is the first one of Yellow river).


Day07 Hongyuan - Ma'erkham (186KM)
Drive 186KM to Ma'erkham county, at Somang, visit Zokorgyi castle and Xisuo Tibetan village, then head to Ma'erkham for over night.


Day08 Ma'erkham - Rilong
Leave Ma'erkham in early morning. When arrive at Rilong, go and visit the Shuangqiaogou valley in Mt. Siguniang area. Which is the most beautiful one among the famous 3 gullies, it has a length of 34.8km, there are more than 70 mountain peaks over 4000m inside it.


Day09 tour Mt. Siguniang
Visit and trek inside Haizi Valley of Mt. Siguniang area today.


Day10 Rilong - Chengdu (210KM)
Go to Wolong by pass Balangshan tunnel, go and visit pandas at Shenshuping panda center. In the afternoon, gettiing back to Chengdu and check into the hotel.


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