Zhaojue temple

Zhaojue temple is a famous Buddhism tempel, and is listed among the 4 monastic buildings and holy site in Sichuan province (the other three are repectively Wenshu temple in Chengdu, Baoguang temple in Xindu and Luohan temple in Shifange.

Zhaojue temple, a key historic site under the State protection, stands at the Qinglong Chang (one part of Chengdu city) in the north of this city. Because of its reputation, it is well known in Sichuan province, esp. In the west of the province and attracts a lot of Buddhists faithful.

Zhaojue temple was first builtin the 5th century, then destroyed several times with vicissitude of dynasties. One note - worth construction was dedicated by Monk Po Shan.

The temple has gradually become the “Principal Holy Place in West Sichuan”.

Zhaojue temple is seated just by the roadside, if you go for a visit to Pandas research center for breeding, you will pass by it.

Nowadays, zhaojue temple is not only famous for its reputation of Buddhism preaching but also for its tranquility and peaceful enviroment for leisure.