Xinluhai lake and Manigange

Xinluhai lake is located between Manigange and Derge town with an altitude over 4040m, just at the foot of Quer mountain (elevation: 6168m, its pass: 5050m), the deepest of it is 15m. It is made by effects of glanciation.

Quer mountain is to its little west, local people call it “Tsola”, meaning “a mountain neighboring a lake”, around it are 5 snow peaks over 5000 meters and a lot of lakes, grass meadows and forests, Xinluhai lake is one of them.

Now, Nation has built it a national nature reserve for white lips deer. This nature reserve has a area over 190 square kilometers, around 180 species of animals living inside.

Manigange is a tiny little settlement 98km to the west of Ganzi town. 3 main roads which cross here make it an important transportation hub ( to the north is to Shiqu and Yushu, to the west is to Derge, to the east is to Ganzi). It's also located just 11 km from Xinluhai (Yilhun Lhatso in Tibetan); this lake is a sacred place for Tibetan Buddhists, and mani stone piles and prayer flags are much in evidence. One could do worse than to camp along its shores in silent contemplation, with views of the glaciered 6186m Mt. Que'er serving as a backdrop. This town is a pit stop for truckers headed for Tibet or coming from there. Yazer monastery (Nyingmapa sect) is a tract at this tiny stopover, around which the social life of town revolves (unless there are foreigners about).