Xichang is the capital of Liang Mountain Yi nationality Autonomous Prefecture, lies in the southwest of Sichuan. In most of Liang Mountain area, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. It abounds with forests, pastures, mineral deposits and hydraulic resources. The main tourist spots of Xichang are Qionghai Lake, Mt. Lushan, Mt. Luoji, Lugulake, etc.. The Torch Festival is held every year. The transportation is very convenient. The main railway is Chengdu - Kunming, and there are flights from Xichang to Chengdu regularly.

China's launch site for geosynchronous orbit launches - Xichang Satellite Launch Centre is situated in Xichang, Sichuan Province, south - western China. The launch pad is at 102.0 degrees East and 28.2 degrees North. The head office of the launch centre is located in Xichang City, about 65 kilometres away. Xichang Airport is 50 km away. A dedicated railway and highway lead directly to the launch site. The Technical Centre is equipped for testing and integration of the payload and launch vehicle. The Mission Command and Control Centre, located 7 kilometres south - west of the launch pad, provides flight and safety control during launch rehearsal and launch. The down range tracking stations for Xichang are located in Xichang City and Yibin City of Sichuan Province, and Guiyang City of Guizhou Province. Other facilities include the Launch Complex, the Launch Control Centre, propellant fuelling systems, communications systems for launch command, telephone and data communications for users, and support equipment for meteorological monitoring and forecasting. Most of the commercial satellite launches of Long March vehicles have been from Xichang.

Xichang Satellite Launch Centre has been operating and capable of launching satellites to GTO. Xichang has been chosen among 16 cites for more beneficial mission than Jiuquan to GEO. Its construction works started in 1978, at 65 km in the north of Xichang town and it has succesfully made the first launch in 1984. Xinchang has two separate launch pads, the first is CZ - 3 launch pad that is able to support 5 missions each year and the second for vehicle CZ - 2E/3A/3B with additional boosters.