Wuhou Shirine

Temple of Marquis Wu, which is located in the south of Chengdu, is a famous historical site dedicated to the memory of both Liu Bei (161 - 223), Emperor of the Kingdom of Shu in the Three Kingdoms period (220 -280), and Zhuge Liang (181 - 234), Prime Minister of the kingdom. The temple was originally built by Li Xiong of the Western Jin dynasty (265 - 316AD), 400 years after Zhuge Liang's death, and rebuilt in the Qing dynasty with a total area of 37000 square meters. The whole complex faces south direction with the first gate, second gate, hall of Liu Bei, corridor, and hall of Zhege Liang sitting on the central axis, in which hall of Liu Bei is the highest and greatest one. A board hung above the first gate reads "Han Zhaolie Temple" ( Zhaolie was a title given to Liu Bei posthumously). In spit of this, the temple is commonly known as Wuhou Memorial Temple (Zhuge Liang was conferred on the title of Wu Xianghou after his death).

The memorial temple, dignified and simple in style, houses 47 statues of Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang and other civil officials and senior generals of the kingdom. The temple is furnished with many inscribed stone tablets, the most famous being the Tablet of Triple Success of the Tang dynasty (618 - 907) with its text by Prime Minister Pei Du, calligraphy by Liu Gongchuo and carvings by Lu Jian.

Today, the temple of marquis Wu is not only a museum for people to know the history of three kingdoms, but also a good place for resting and visiting.