Wenshu temple

Wenshu temple (Wenshu Yuan), located in the northern part of Chengdu city, is Chengdu's oldest temple and is usually crownded with tourists and Buddhists.

A temple was originally built at this site in the north of the city during the Tang Dynasty. The building today however is a Qing Dynasty construction consisting of an impressive collection of buildings holding some intricate and beautiful art and architecture. There are five halls in the complex, all with pretty tiled roofs, carved eaves and beautifully painted ceilings. There is also a Museum here detailing the history of the temple and exhibiting some wonderful examples of traditional calligraphy and painting.

Among the collections of the temple includes the skull of Xuan Zhuang, the great Buddhist master of the Tang dynasty, Buddhist sutras embroidered with Song - style calligraphy, the 1'000 - Buddha cassock embroidered by Concubine Tian of the emperor Chongzhen of the Ming Dynasty and the portraits of Bodhisattvas embroidered with human hair.

Chengdu has a sizeable Buddhist congregation who visit the temple to worship the God of Wisdom, filling the temple halls with noise and smoke from burning incense sticks. The surrounding streets are fascinating too, and small shops are selling joss - sticks, paper money and statues of Buddhism figures abound.

There is a wide area at the back of the complex which is a great place to dochat with friends and inside the complex is a a good vegetarian restaurant, cooks there make wonderful dishes in shape and taste, HOLD YOUR TONGUE!