Mt. Siguniang area

The Siguniang (Four Sisters) Mountain Scenic Zone is a national grade scenic area and a national grade natural reserve well - known throughout China. Going northwest from Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, passing the national grade scenic zone - Dujiangyan and Wolong Panda Protection Zone, and crossing the cloudy sea of verdant Balang Mountain, you will get to see the beautiful Mt. Siguniang.

The scenic zone covers an area of 450 square kilometers and consists of the Siguniang Mountain, Shuangqiao (Double Bridge) Gully, Changping (Long Flats) Gully and Haizhi (Lakes) Gully. The Siguniang mountain have four peaks which stand side be side like four sisters at the end of the Qionglai Mountain Ranges one the Aba Plateau. They rise 5355, 5454, 5664 and 6250 metres above the sea level, among which the fourth girl is the tallest. The Siguniang Mountain is honored as the "queen of Sichuan's mountains", enjoying the fame with the king of Sichuan's mountains - Gongga Mountain of 7556m - high. It was said by the local people that these four peaks were originally four beautiful sisters of the mountain god.

Among the 3 gullies, the longest is Changping gully, the senery in the vally is marvelous, worth of a day's trekking. The base camps for mountaineering the Second, the third and the forth peak are in this vally. Haizi gully is the most difficult for trekking compared to the other two.

Because of its weather and the geography of this area and shape of the forth peak, it was said that China mountaineering team would establish their training center here. I hope so.

The photo at the top was taken on the way to basecamp of Mt. Daguniang in Haizi gully. The peak is the highest one around here (6250m).