Qionghai Lake

Qionghai Lake is the largest fresh lake in Sichuan. It is a sink - down lake. Qionghai is located in the upper reaches of Jinshanjiang River branch - An'ning River. It is 5 km away from Xichang City south, adjacent to grand Daliangshan Mountain in east, and close to green Lushan Mountain in south. The lake is 1510 meter above sea level; the distance from south to north is 11.5 km, the width from east to west; the total area is 31.2 square kilometers, which is 4.5 times of that of Xihu Lake in Hangzhou (in Zhejiang province). The average depth of lake is 14 m; the deepest is 34 m; the water storage is 0.32 billion cubic meters. Qionghai looks like a pearl from air.
The beauty at Qionghai and bright, round moon in Xichang make up of the charms of Xichang which atracts a lot tourists from everywhere. Many historical celebreties appreciated the lake secene in night and left many poems and verses. Six hundred years ago, Marco Polo, the famous Italian traveller, was greatly impressed by the unique beauty and style in this area. He wrote in Travel Notes of Marco Polo :"Green lake, flourishing grass, aboundant fish and big pearls. The beautiful scenes and mild climate is better than that in Mediterrannean sea. It is realy the orient pearl."