A tour in the Aba district exposes one to its colorful and variegated mode and social customs of superb beauty. In addition to Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong and Wolong, the following scenic spots are also loved and frequented by multitudes of tourists: the Great Prairie at Noergai, the sika nature reserve at Tiebu, the red - leaf forest park at Miyaluo, Kalonggou at Heshui and Mt. Siguniang. Miyaluo, is famous of its red leaves. Autumn is the most beautiful season of it. Every year's October, Miyaluo is crowded with tourists to see its red leaves and beautiful scenery.

The social customs in the district are colorful and variegated. The Mani piles and the fluttering Buddhist scripture streamers demonstrate the Tibetan people's religious piety, the tall and strong watchtowers and the single - cable bridges across the rapids give evidence to the technical expertise of the Qiang people. The horse race festival, new year celebrations and the jolly tap dance and Guozhuang folk dance around the fireplace, the sipping of fragrant highland barley wine, the melodious guitar and the lyric flute all bear witness to the people's love of life and happiness.