Mt. Luojishan

Luoji Mountain - the ancient glacier park in China. There are blurred highlands and mountains in the north - west China. Among which lies the Hengduan Mountain Range, Just like a big dragon, and the jinsha River winds to the east. In the middle of Chengkun Railway stands a magnificent and grand mountain - Luoji Mountain.

Located at the south corner of Xichang City, China's space city, it is 37 kilometers away and with an area of over 200 square kilometers. Its main peark is 4359 meter above sea level and looks like a green sprial shell, the top of which is like the hair coil of a young women of the ancient time. This is why the Luoji Mountain is so called. Aroud it are 8 peaks with a elevation over 4000 meters. In the mountian, there are the promising passes, the wonderful sea and clouds, 72 lakes and ponds, azaleas of thousands of mu, which blossom from April trough to middle of Fall, vast primitive fur forest, it is alos called "China's Ancient Glacier park".

Luoji Mountain is so significent and charming that it is an excellent place where you can visit and investigate, paint and sketch, make pictures, conduct scientific investigation and trace back into the history. It is a rare highland natural scenic spot in the world.

Luoji mountain area keeps a lot of remenants of ancient glaciers in vivid and perfect conditions. Here, you can find many configritions of glaciers such as moraine, icefalls, the U - valleys..., its scale is rare to be seen across China.