Lugu lake

Lugu Lake, 2690 metres above sea level, 5.2 kilometers wide from east to west, located at the borders between Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, covers an area of 50 square kilometers with the average water depth of 45 meters and the transparency 11 meters.

In the lake, there are five islands, which are known as the "Fabled Abode of Immortals". Three peninsulas and a sea- wall islet. Boating in the lake, you will feel that the surface of the water is as smooth as a mirror and the water as blue as the sky. The slow canoe in the blue lake, the beautiful Mosuo girls in their ethnic clothes and the Mosuo folk songs will show you something of primitive simplicity and Peace. Lugu Lake has the fame of a fabled abode of immortals and "Plateau Jewel" for its pure and virgin land of natural landscapes, nestling alongside the lake lies the mysterious and grand Gemu Female.

Lugu lake becomes so famous and atractive area not only for its nature beauties but also for its unique nationality and its folkways.The minority nationality around the lake is called Mosuo people, the uniqueness is that Mosuo people keeps strong, close and outstanding characteristicses of the matriarchy.