Jiuzhaigou Valleys

The main scenic area of Jiuzhaigou (Jiuzhai valley) extends over 50 kilometers. Shuzheng, Rizer and Zechawa, three main parts of the scenic area, shaped as "Y". With an average altitude of 2050 meters, the terrain slowly slopes from northwest to southeast.

The main paths and roads leading there and inside the scenery are relatively flat and have been newly paved. The scenic spot of Shuzheng Qun Hai (Shu Zheng Lakes) is the entrance to the beautiful and splendid Jiuzhaigou nature reserve. With a total length of 13.8 kilometers, Shuzheng contains over 40 various lakes, occupied 40% of the total in Jiuzhaigou. Stretching along Shuzheng Gully for 5 to 6 kilometers, the lakes reflect the shining sunshine, named respectively as: Luwei Hai (Reed Lake), Penjing Hai, Huohua Hai (Sparking Lake), Wolong Hai (Sleeping Dragon Lake), Shuzheng Waterfall and Laohu Hai (Tiger Lake) etc. Blue water, clear sky, singing birds and swaying reeds present you a wonderful view of this so - named FAIRYLAND.

In the lower reaches of Shuzheng Gully, the most ripping lake - Shuijinggong (Crystal Palace) covers an area of 1000 acre, 40 to 50 meters in depth. In the 10 - meter depth of the center bottom, there is a milky yellow dyke composed of carbonic acid calcium, looking like a dragon crouching in the lake. Especially when the wind is blowing across, the dragon seems to be squirming with the billowing water.

While Shuzheng Waterfall is totally different from the lakes mentioned above. It is actually composed of many follow - on falls, formed by lakes flowing down from the stair - like valley. Waterfalls with great momentum and deafening noise plummet deep into the lake below. On the dykes of these lakes, kinds of plateau bushes put down their roots deeply, forming many special plant groups and a marvelous natural spectacle.

At the end of Shuzheng scenic area is the imposing Nuorilang Waterfall. Far from the waterfall, astonishing thundering noise, water smoke and color rainbows in the sky form a wide and dynamic water screen of grandeur.