Baoguang Temple

Baoguang temple is a Buddhism site, which lies in Xindu county 22km to the north of Chengdu city, and covers 90'000sq meters.

This temple was first built in the Eastern Han dynasty (25 -220 AD). In 881, Xizong, the Tang dynastu Emperor, fled a peasant rebellion from Chang'an (the present Xi'an, Shanxi province) and found a refuge here. He immediately ordered the renovation of the temple, and gave it the present name.

This temple was destroyed at the end of Ming dynasty (1368 -1644AD0, and the present one is reconstructedduring the Qing dynasty (1644 -1911Ad).

The temple mainly consists of: the Hall of Celestial Guardians, Sarira Pagoda, the Hall of Seven Buddhas, the Hall of the Great Altar, the Buddhist Scripture Store, the Hall of Arhats and the rooms for conducting activities.

In the Hall of Arhats, there are 3 Buddha figures, 6 Bodhisattvas, 50 Buddhist Founders and 500 Arhats, each more than 2 meteres high.

The 13 - storied square Sarira Pagoda was built in the Tang dynasty. It is 30 meters high, with Buddhist figures on each side. The sarira, the sutras inscribed on Pattra tree leaves and the epiphyllum made of metal are regarded by Buddhist as super treasures. These and other Buddhist relics are among the rare collections of this temple.