Ruo'ergai Prairie

Ruo'ergai (Zoige) prairie, in the north of Sichuan province and bordering Maqu, Luqu, Zhuoni and dibu counties of Gansu province, is regarded as the third largest prairie in China, it has a land over 10400 sqare kilometers. Here is the largest wetland reserve of China over 240,000 hectres. The population is 63,270 in 1999.

Ruo'ergai is located at the eastern end of hilly west - Sichuan platue. To the east of this county is the No.1 Top Mt. Gezanggyiaze (4574m), to its south is Mt. Hachen (3898m), to is west is the relative flat U - shape topography. A little north to Tangke town is the “First grand curve of the Yellow River”, which formed the natural division border of Sichuan and Gansu provinces. By geographical features here, 69% of the tatol is hilly platue in the south and northwest, the relative altitude is 100 meters, the land slopes from south to north ,the Garqu, Moqu and Banyhou (rivers) flow into Yellow river from south to north. A wide fertile grassland is naturally created .The climate is cold, no summer time here compared to other parts of China. The coldest month is in January ( -10.6 centigrage), the recorded absolute lowest temprature is -33.7 centigrade. The warmest month is in July (average 10.8 centigrade), the recorded absolute highest temprature is 24.6 centigrade. The rainfall of 656mm centers from late April to Late July, the suntime hours are over 2389 hours. The visits around here are:

1: Ri'er wetland. 17km to the north of Ruo'ergai town, with an elevation of 3468, it enjoys a reputation as the flattest and widest wetland reserve in China.

2: The First curve of Yellow river in Sichuan. 61km to the north of town, Garqu river flows into Yellow river here. Grand monastery, white sky, green land and tents present you a harmonious scene.

3: Tiebu Deer nature reserve. 120km to the north of town, with an altitude of 2850m, the specy of Deer here is different from those in Taiwan, Northest China and the south China. It is a special in Sichuan.

4: Gouxiang monastery of Bon religion, located in Gouxiang village, built in eraly 3 century, is regarded to the Top monastery in Nuo'ergai, there are 128 monasteries under its rule and management. After the death of the 26th master of this monastery, his body was cremated and preserved in White pagoda for pilgrims to worship.

5: Ge'erdi monastery of Gelupa order, a little northwest of the town, built in 1413, has a building land area of 19,500 square meters, 9 chambers and 200 dwelling rooms. There are 18 affliated monasteries under it.

6: Suogezang monastery is built at the first curve of Yellow river in Sichuan. It was built in 1658, with a building land area of 76,000 square meters and 200 lhamas.