Gatuo (Katoic) Monastery

Gatuo monastery is located on the mountain top in Hepo village, at the eastern bank of Jinshajiang river, between Derge and Baiyu county.

The road leading there is rough and steep, very difficult for jeeps going up there. On the way there, a line of snow mountain peaks unfold before you, just like a roll of Chinese painting.

Gatuo monastery takes a land area over 1 square kilometer, huge in size. It is first Nyingmapa monastery built in Kham area, its affiliated monasteries are rampant in Amdo and Kham area, even in Nepal, India and other western countries have its affiliates, enjoying high reputation and respect. Because there is a nature formed Tibetan letter reading Ga, hence the name of this monastery - Gatuo monastery. It was said Pandamasanbawa once came here three times in his life for preaching Nyingmapa teachings, maybe it is true, but nobody can ignore that its influence over Kham is deep and strong.