means to receive & pay deposit to book a service


1: through Paypal

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Pay the required deposit through Paypal. This is the easist and fastest way.


2: through Alipay

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Alipay is a very popular and welcom online money transfer means.

3: through Bank wire

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Pay the required deposit through your local bank service and wire it to our account in Bank of China

While doing the payment through your local bank, please fill the wiring blank sheet careful, such as the receiver's name spelling, the directed bank account, the bank SWIFT code and the bank address.

Bank of China is very serious to those information;

if the information is wrong, the wired deposit will fail to reach the given bank account. Please keep the receipt which verifies the successful transfer, and inform us after the wire by email.

link to Bank of China worldwide

4: through Western Union

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Pay the required deposit through Western Union Service, which is a global online bank service. If you select to pay through Western Union, such information as

1): Receiver's Name,

2): Receiver's city

3): Receiver's Nation are required by Western Union;

If your transfer is successful, you will be given a 10 digital pick-up code, then please send us the 10 digital pick up code.