Advantages to hire an English speaking driver

Chengdu car rental in Sichuan

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  1. your tour consultant and travel program designer
  2. assist you to places where you want to go
  3. help you save expenses and enjoy more convenience which you can get by paying more money to hire an extra local English speaking guide

We are in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province; here the most interesting thing for most tourists from abroad is to see the lovely panda bears, enjoy the grandness of world's highest Buddha statue.

Chengdu once was the main entry airport to Lhasa before Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi'an opened flight routes.

From Chengdu, you can take plane or train to Lhasa.

But, there are other alternatives for you, you can rent a car and travel to other Tibetan living areas over this 3rd pole of the world (average elevation is over 4000 meters) such as Jyekundo Tibetan prefecture, Guoluo Tibetan prefecture, Aba Tibetan prefecture, Ganzi Tibet prefecture and Sahangri-la of Yunnan province, and even more, you can hire a car at Chengdu, then, travel to eastern parts of Sichuan province, Chongqing province and Guizhou province.

During the tour, the driver/guide can send you to places you wish to go; if you hire an English speaking driver, you can save a lot on guide service fee, the driver can introduce what you are interested to know, give you more convenience and make the tour easy.

  1. where you can travel with this rented car (with driver)
  2. The cost to rent car at Chengdu
  3. The recommended routes for car rental travel in Sichuan


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