Car Rental in Chengdu, Sichuan




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circle ' car rental ' here means renting car with driver; only car is not possible unless you have an official Chinese driver license.

circle car rental is only possible in Sichuan, Yunnan, and Qinghai, and, it won't be available and possible in Tibet; here, Tibet means Tibet A.R., with Lhasa as it's political, economical, and cultural center.

circle car rental service to other Tibetan area outside Tibet A.R. is not a problem.

circle all foriegn passports holders, if they want to go to Tibet, they need to take packaged tour; pachaged tour means local travel agent will cover such items as required papers, land transfer, local guide service, and hotel reservation; local sightseeing spots can be decidied by you

circle tourists from Hong Kong and Maccau are free from those regulations above, they can travel into Tibet just like common mainland Chinese tourists.

circle tourists from Taiwan, because of known reasons, are required to have more documents when they are planning a trip to Tibet, either by air or by car or by train.


you can do your tour by ways as below