8 days car tour to Daocheng, Yading nature and Mt. Siguniang

Chengdu - Kangding - Litang - Daocheng - Yading - Tagong - Danba - Mt. Siguniang - Wolong - Dujiangyan water irrigation project - Chengdu

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Day01 Chengdu to Ya'an to Kangding to Xinduqiao (355KM)

Leave Chengdu early around 07:00 for Xinduqiao. Today, we drive westward; on the way, we will go through Ya'an city, drive through Mt. Erlangshan, and Kangding city. Generaly, Kangding is the first jump stone to plateau for tourists who are travelling to Ganzi Tibetan region or planning travel to Lhasa, capital of Tibet A.R. We reach Xinduqiao town and spend night here.


Day02 Xinduqiao to Yajiang county to Litang (210KM)

Today, we will drive higher and higher towards Litang, it's alititude is over 4000meters. (Kangding is only about 2616meters); in middle afternoon, tour Litang and visit Litang monastery.

Litang is the town with strong nomadic features and strong atmosphere of traditional Tibetan life; strolling in the streets will give you time to see local lives, feel modern namadic life, and compare to those ideas in your mind about Tibetans in this region.


Day03 Litang to Daocheng to Shangri-la to Yading village (225KM)

Drive southwards from Litang to Daocheng county, then to Shangri-la, you change local sightseeing bus here by yourself, and reach Yading village.


Day04 Yading to Daocheng (75KM)

Tour Yading, you select to ride horse or hike all the way to its end - Luorong pasture; in the the valley, you will see three beautiful snow capped mountains, they are respectively Mt. Yangmaiyong, Mt. Xiaruoduijie, and Mt. Xianairi. Around 16:00, you leave the valley, take sightseeing bus to reach Shangri-la, meet your driver here, and drive to Daocheng.


Day05 Daocheng to Litang to Yajiang to Xinduqiao (345KM)

Leave Daocheng in the morning, drive through Litang county to Xinduqiao town.


Day06 Xinduqiao to Tagong to Danba (160KM)

Drive from Yajiang to Tagong, visit Tagong grassland, Tagong monastery,Tagong Buddhism college, and Bamei Huiyuan temple;

In middle afternoon, drive to reach Danba, spend night at Zhonglu Tibetan village or Jiaju Tibetan village.


Day07 Zhonglu village/ Jiaju Tibetan village to Xiaojin to Rilong/ Mt. Siguniang (110KM)

Early departure from Zhonglu village, drive to Rilong, select from the tree beautiful valleys and tour one of them; spend night at Rilong town.


Day08 Mt. Siguniang to Chengdu (210KM)

Departure from Rilong to Chengdu, driving over Mt. Balangshan, tour famous Dujiangyan water irrigating project or Dujiangyan panda base if the time is enough.


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