4 days car rent to Leshan big buddha, Mt. Emei, Zigong Dinosaur Museum and Chongqing Dazu rock carvings

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Day01 Chengdu to Leshan to Mt. Emei

In the morning, at the agreed time (around 08:30), meet you and drive southward to Leshan for local amazing buddha statue. Around 2 hours drive.

There are two ways to visit the buddha, one is taking boat, you will see the panoramic view of the buddha, it takes around 45 minutes; the other way is to walk inside the buddha park, it takes 2 - 3 hours and you will walk down to the buddha's feet area on the zigzag steps from its head area.

if you choose to go into the park for visit, then, around 14:00, leave Leshan for Mt. Emei, 30KM, 40 minutes driving.

upon arrival in Mt. Emei, tour to visit Baoguo temple or Hufu temple (select one) at the mountain foot if you like.


Day02 Mt. Emei

Today, self touring Mt. Emei by taking sightseeing bus and cable car. In middle afternoon, get back to the foot area of the mountain, spend one more night at Emeishan. Tonight, we suggest you to enjoy the famous hot spring at Emei.
* if the booked hotel is at the foot, there is no pick-up
* if the booked hotel is in Emeishan city downtown, the car will wait for you and take you back to hotel


Day03 Mt. Emei to Zigong to Dazu

Leave Emeishan in the morning, head to Dazu. On the way, we will pass Zigong city. Visit Dinosaur Museum and Salt History Museum at Zigong. Reach Dazu city in the late afternoon and spend night here.

Zigong Dinosaur Museum sits on top of a large concentration of a diverse dinosaur assemblage. The museum claims the largest number of dinosaur fossils in the world and covers 25,000 square meters with a display area of 3,600 square meters.

Zigong Salt History Museum was established in 1959 in Zigong City, it's mission is to collect, study, preserve and display implements and artifacts relating to salt mining.


Day04 Dazu to Chongqing by bullet train

In the morning, start the tour to visit famous Dazu shike (Dazu rock carvings).

Dazu rock carvings is located in Dazu county of Chongqing, which consists of such 5 major parts as Beishan grottoes, Nanshan grottoes, Baodingshan grottoes, Shizhuanshan grottoes, and Shimenshan grottoes; among them, the most worthy are to Baodingshan rock carvings and Beishan rock carvings.

Beishan rock carvings is about 2KM to the northwest of Dazu county city, the traced time of the carvings was began in year 892, and finished in 1162,

Baodingshan rock carvings is about 15KM to the northeast of Dazu county city, the works was began in year 1179, and finished in year 1249.

Nanshan rock carvings is to the southeast of Dazu county city, began in year 1127, and finished in year 1278.

Shizhuanshan rock carvings is about 25KM to the southwest of Dazu county city, the works was began in year 1082, and finished in year 1096; the carvings on the mountain cliff is about 130 meters in width, and 3-8 meters in height, consisting of 10 grottoes

Shimenshan rock carvings is about 20KM to the east of the city, the works was began in year 1094, and finished in year 1151; the carvings on the mountain cliff is about 72 meters in width, and 3-5 meters in height, consisting of 16 grottoes.

we recommend visits to Baodingshan and Beishan.

After visit, send you to Dazu railway station to take the bullet train to Chongqing.

NOTE - to save your money and time, we suggest you to take train to Chongqing instead of private car. It is only one stop from Dazu to Chongqing, 37 minutes on the train.


end of the tour


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