2 days car rent to Chengdu panda bears center and Dazu rock carvings

because of the seasonal price change, please contact for a quote of this program.


Day01 Chengdu to Panda center to Dazu

around 08:30 or at the time we agreed, meet you at your hotel inside Chengdu, then tour to Chengdu panda center for lovely panda bears. Spend around 2 hours there.

after lunch in restaurant by Panda center, we leave Chengdu for Dazu, the drive is about 270KM, requiring about 3.5 hours, reaching Dazu in late afternoon.


Day02 Dazu to Chongqing/ or back to Chengdu

In the morning, at the agreed time (around 08:00), the driver meets you at your hotel, and start the tour to visit famous Dazu shike (Dazu rock carvings);

after the visits in Dazhu, you decide your destination:

1. if you want to take your down stream cruising ship, the driver will send you to Chongqing; it takes around 2.5 hours to reach the dock at Chongqing.

2. if you want to tour other places in Sichuan, like going to Leshan, Mt. Emei, Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, or more, the driver will send you back to you booked hotel inside Chengdu city. To back Chengdu takes around 4 hours.

Dazu rock carvings is located in Dazu county of Chongqing, which consists of such 5 major parts as Beishan grottoes, Nanshan grottoes, Baodingshan grottoes, Shizhuanshan grottoes, and Shimenshan grottoes; among them, the most worthy are to Baodingshan rock carvings and Beishan rock carvings.

Beishan rock carvings is about 2KM to the northwest of Dazu county city, the traced time of the carvings was began in year 892, and finished in 1162,

Baodingshan rock carvings is about 15KM to the northeast of Dazu county city, the works was began in year 1179, and finished in year 1249.

Nanshan rock carvings is to the southeast of Dazu county city, began in year 1127, and finished in year 1278.

Shizhuanshan rock carvings is about 25KM to the southwest of Dazu county city, the works was began in year 1082, and finished in year 1096; the carvings on the mountain cliff is about 130 meters in width, and 3-8 meters in height, consisting of 10 grottoes

Shimenshan rock carvings is about 20KM to the east of the city, the works was began in year 1094, and finished in year 1151; the carvings on the mountain cliff is about 72 meters in width, and 3-5 meters in height, consisting of 16 grottoes.

we recommend visits to Baodingshan and Beishan.

before 16:00, we leave Dazu for Chongqing to catch your ship or drive back to Chengdu.


end of the tour


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