1 day car rental for sightseeing in Chengdu downtown (with tour to Chengdu panda center)

Quote (The reference price below may be adjusted)
A. (one 5 seats small car) RMB800.00 from June to Oct., RMB750.00 for other month
B. (one 7 seats mini van) RMB1000.00 from June to Oct., RMB950.00 for other month
C. (one 9 seats mini van) RMB1100.00 from June to Oct., RMB1050.00 for other month

The quote covers
1. the car and the driver
2. the fuel, the TOLL charge, car parking, car repairs, expenses related to the car
3. the foods to the driver


This is a whole tour in Chengdu city region; the tour to Chengdu panda center is inlcuded in the daily program.

Generally, the program is like this (see below):

In the morning, at the agreed time, the driver will meet you at your hotel or the talked place, and then, drive to see the panda bears in Chengdu panda center first; we suggest to leave hotel before 08:30.

After panda center, drive you back to downtown region, and have lunch at Wenshufang, which is by Wenshu temple in the northern part of the city (inside the 1st Ring circled road); we suggest local snacks - Ma Po Dou Fu or Long Chao Shou.

Then, drive to Kuan Zhai Lanes, which is almost at the core of the city, you get time to stroll around there.

After here, we go to People's park, you spend 1 hour (maybe a little more) inside to discover how the aged and the retired people enjoy their daily life.

After People's park, send you to visit Taoist temple -Qingyang Gong palace; which is the only one Taoism temple inside this city.

*** if you do not feel interested these visits we recommended, the driver will send you to the place where you want to stay and see.

Around 6:00pm, send you back to your hotel.

--- NOTE: if you want to back hotel after dinner, the driver will send you to the restaurant; but, after your dinner, you take local taxi back to your hotel.


End of the tour


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Wechat -> zailushangzeng

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