10 days tour to Mt. Siguniang, Danba, Derge, Baiyu and Litang


Chengdu - Rilong - Danba - Luhuo - Ganzi - Mt. Tsolha - Derge - Baiyu - Ganzi / Xinlong - Litang - Xinduqiao - Kangding - Ya'an panda center - Chengdu

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Day01 Chengdu to Rilong (210KM)

Leave Chengdu for Rilong this morning. On the way there, go to Wolong Panda center to see the lovely panda bears, driving over Mt. Balangshan, and reach Rilong town.


Day02 Rilong to Danba (110KM)

In the morning, do tour in Shuangqiao valley or Changping valley. Leave Rilong for Danba in the afternoon, spend night at Jiaju Tibetan village, which is on mountain slope almost to the top.


Day03 Danba to Daofu (/Dawu) to Luhuo (230KM)

Leave JiaJu village after breakfast for Luhuo county through Bamei and Daofu (Dawu); on the way, visit to Hui Yuan monastery (of Gelupa order) at Bamei; at Luhuo, visit to locla Lingque monastery, which is about 1 KM to the north of the town.


Day04 Luhuo to Ganzi (100KM)

Leave Luhuo after breakfast, visit Ganzi monastery at Ganzi town; Ganzi is a very tibetan town on this plateau.

Ganzi monastery is one of the Gelupa monastic complexes in Ganzi region, and is also named No. 1 monastery among 13 Hhor monasteries; which is built in 1662 under the direction of 5th Dalai Lama's principle - Hor Qugye Ang Ong Pengtso. Xianggeng renpoche is the leader of this monastery.


Day05 Ganzi to Derge (210KM)

On the way to Derge, visit local monastery, lake Xinlu /or lake Yhilun tsolha; at Derge, visit Derge printing house, the world famous printing house with traditional technology.

10 KM to the west of Ganzi county is Baili monastery of Gelupa order, located in Shengkang village, which is the throne monastery to Gedha Renpoche.

28 Km to the west of Ganzi county town is Dajin monastery of Gelupa order, located in Kagong village.


Day06 Derge to Baiyu /Palyuel (150KM)

Leave Derge early around 08:00 for Baiyu, on the way to Baiyu (/Palyuel), detour to visit Katoc monastery, which is built on mountain top in Hepo village; Katoc (Gatuo) monastery is one of the most famous Nyingma monasteries in Ganzi, and is oldest monastic complex of Nyingmapa order in Ganzi region, it is now over 900 years; the colleage "Xie Ri Sheng' in this monastery is the highest colleage to Nyingmapa study.


Day07 Baiyu /Palyuel to Changtai to Yachen monastery (135KM)

In the morning, visit Baiyu Kumbum (Paryuel monastery, Nyingmapa order), which belongs to Nyingmapa order, and is biult on the mountain top by the county city; standing on the high place in the monastery, you can overlook the whole city and the whole river valley.

In the afternoon, drive to Yarchen monastery (Nyingmapa order), which is about 130KM to the east of Paryuel county town. Yachen monastery (/Yarchen gar) is one of the most famous and important Nyingma monastic complex in Kham region, the others are Zuoqing monastery (Dzochen kumbum), Xieqing monastery, Katoc monastery, and Baiyu monastery.


Day08 Yarchen monastery to Litang (255Km to 360KM)

After your time strolling in Yarchen monastery, leave for Litang through Xinlong county.


Day09 Litang to Kangding (300 KM)

In the morning, visit famous Gelupa monastery - Litang monastery. Litang monasty is the biggestmonstery to Gelupa in Kham region; Litang monastery was once the throne to 7th Dalai Lama before he was moved to Lhasa Tsepun monastery. Litang is the highest city in Ganzi region on altitute, its elevation is 4014M.

After your time at Litang and strolling through the city, you leave for Kangding. Natural sightseeingand photo taking on the way.

After check into the local hotel, you can choose to enjoy famous local hot spring - Erdaoqiao hot spring, which is very popular among tourists and local people; having hot spring has become one part of their life.


Day10 Kangding to Ya'an Bifengxia panda center to Chengdu (290KM)

Leave Kangding after breakfast for Chengdu; on the way, you will go through Mt. Erlangshan, and do detour visit to Panda bears in Bifengxia natural reserve or Shangli old town.


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